Investment Visa's


188 Significant Investment Visa

Investment: AUD$5,000,000
Investment Mix: 500,000 Early Stage VC
500,000 Early Stage VC
1.5M Managed Funds listed on ASX
3M ASX Listed Companies
Investment Period: 4 Years
Residency Type: Temporary 4 Years, can apply for PR on 4th anniversary of PR being granted, citizenship 4 years later.
Best for: Those who still have International Business and that don't want to pay Australian Tax on World Wide Income.
Risk: Low

132 Business/Entrepreneurial Talent Visa

Investment: AUD$650,000 - AUD$1,000,000
(Investment level at discretion of Venture Capital provider dependant on Applicants Experience.)
Investment Mix: Investment into Australian Government Approved VC firm. Investment needs to be invested into Early Stage VC Investment. This is not Seed Funding. Investment vehicles normally have more than two years trading and have trading figures end are in the market for Second or Third Round Capital raise.
Investment Period: 4 Years
Residency Type: Permanent Residency
Best for: Those wanting to move to Australia now, and those that want to have the family accumulate the day count needed for Citizenship application in four years.
Risk: Medium to Low

Best for:

  1. Those wanting to have the ''opinion'' to move Australia without hindrance when and if they need too. can extend moving to Australia for 8 years, as long as they come to Australia twice a year for board meetings and maintain the investment.
  2. Those whom are committed to moving to Australia as quickly as possible. Family members can accumulate minimum Day Count over the four years to be compliant with applying for Australian Citizenship on the fourth anniversary of the issuing of the PR Visa.
  3. Applicants can move to Australia immediately after engaging their VC provider under a Bridging Visa. This option has been used by all applicants.